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APRIL – JUNE, 2014

June 24, 2014

Guest: Brian Leaf, author of Misadventures of a Parenting Yogi: Cloth Diapers, Cosleeping, and My (Sometimes Successful) Quest for Conscious Parenting


June 17, 2014

Guest: Sarah Cimperman ND, author of The Prediabetes Detox: A Whole-Body Program to Balance Your Blood Sugar, Increase Energy, and Reduce Sugar Cravings


June 10, 2014

Guest: Karen Maezen Miller, author of Paradise in Plain Sight: Lessons from a Zen Garden


June 3, 2014

Guest: Simone Wright, author of First Intelligence: Using the Science and Spirit of Intuition


May 27, 2014

Guest: Leslie Becker-Phelps PhD, author of Insecure in Love: How Anxious Attachment Can Make You Feel Jealous, Needy and Worried and What You Can Do About It


May 20, 2014

Guest: Janetti Marotta PhD, author of 50 Mindful Steps to Self-Esteem: Everyday Practices for Cultivating Self-Acceptance and Self-Compassion


May 6, 2014

Guest: Nick Turner MSW, author of Mindfulness-Based Sobriety: A Clinician’s Treatment Guide for Addiction Recovery Using Relapse Prevention Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy & Motivational Interviewing


April 29, 2014

Guest: Jason Lillis, PhD co-author of The Diet Trap: Feed Your Psychological Needs & End the Weight Loss Struggle Using Acceptance & Commitment Therapy


April 22, 2014

Guest: Aphrodite T. Matsakis, PhD author of Loving Someone with PTDS: A Practical Guide to Understanding and Connecting with Your Partner after Trauma


April 15, 2014

Guest: Jim Donovan, author of Happy@Work: 60 Simple Ways to Stay Engaged and Be Successful


April 8, 2014

Guest: Emily K. Sandoz PhD, co-author of Living with Your Body and Other Things You Hate: How to Let Go of Your Struggle with Body Image Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy


April 1, 2014

Guest: Josh Turknett, MD author of The Migraine Miracle: A Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free Ancestral Diet to Reduce Inflammation and Relieve Your Headaches for Good



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