Table of Contents





Chapter 1: The Challenge of Treating Interpersonal Problems


Chapter 2: Introducing Schemas


Chapter 3: Understanding Schema Coping Behaviors


Chapter 4: Cultivating Creative Hopelessness and Developing Mindfulness Skills


Chapter 5: Clarifying Values and Committing to Values-Based Action


Chapter 6: Defusing from Thoughts and Developing the Observer-Self Perspective


Chapter 7: Conducting Exposure with Defusion


Chapter 8: Working with Six Key Processes


Appendix A: Schema Questionnaire


Appendix B: Research Outcomes


Appendix C: Group Protocol (Written with Koke Saavedra)



"This is an excellent book for clinicians, and I believe that people could also buy it as a self-help book. Really a very nice and original contribution to the ACT literature, and a nice addition to my practice." —Shawn Smith PsyD, Author of "The User's Guide to the Human Mind"