Share Relationship Experiences

Every Sunday morning I wake up, make coffee, grab my copy of the New York Times and get back in bed. I feel like a kid who is sneaking candy before dinner, but in this case my sweet treat is the Modern Love column in the Style section. Why do I find these stories so compelling? It starts with admiration for the people who are willing to share their relationship experiences with other people (and in this case a huge audience of readers). We learn so much from each other when we are open to sharing our struggles and successes. I know that it is challenging to be in an emotionally vulnerable state, but I believe that the rewards outweigh the risks. I value any relationship experiences, challenges or insights that you would like to share with me. Please e-mail me or you can sign-up to journal online and check the box that alerts me and gives me access to read your journal entry. I hope to hear from you.




If you have a question to ask, a comment, or story about your relationship to share, drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you!