Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Defining Interpersonal Problems


Chapter 2: Identifying Schemas


Chapter 3: Schema Triggers


Chapter 4: How Schemas Affect Your Relationships


Chapter 5: Schema Coping Behavior Outcomes


Chapter 6: Mindfulness


Chapter 7: Observing Your Relationships Mindfully


Chapter 8: Values


Chapter 9: Willingness


Chapter 10: Defusion: Watching, Labeling, and Letting Go of Thoughts


Chapter 11: Defusion: Distancing


Chapter 12: Facing Schema Emotions


Chapter 13: Acceptance


Chapter 14: Nonviolent Communication


Chapter 15: Defusion, Acceptance, and Values in Everyday Life


Appendix: Note to Therapists



"An entirely new approach to healing, this clear, brilliantly conceived workbook unites the ancient wisdom found in mindfulness practices with the practical skills of contemporary psychotherapy." —Steve Flowers MFT, Author of "The Mindful Path Through Shyness"