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Schema Therapy: A Practitioner’s Guide

By Jeffrey E. Young, Janet S. Klosko and Marjorie E. Weishaar


This book is written for clinicians and designed to meet the formidable challenges of treating personality disorders and other complex difficulties. Schema therapy combines proven cognitive-behavioral techniques with elements of other widely practiced therapies. This book—written by the model’s developer and two of its leading practitioners—is the first major text for clinicians wishing to learn and use this popular approach. Provided in one comprehensive volume are an authoritative conceptual overview and step-by-step guidelines for assessment and treatment. Grounded in solid clinical science, the book supplies the knowledge and tools needed to help patients make real and lasting changes in their lives.


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Disarming the Narcissist: Surviving & Thriving with the Self-Absorbed

By Wendy T. Behary, LCSW


“How can you handle the narcissistic people in your life? They’re frustrating (and maybe even intimidating) to deal with. You might need to interact with some of them in social or professional settings, and you might even love one—so sometimes it just doesn’t work to simply ignore them. You need to find a way of communicating effectively with narcissists, getting your point across and meeting your needs while side-stepping unproductive power struggles and senseless arguments. This book offers a host of effective strategies for dealing effectively with someone who is at the center of his or her own universe.”


“This book will show you how to move past the narcissist’s defenses using compassionate, empathetic communication. You’ll learn how narcissists view the world, how to navigate their coping styles, and why, oftentimes, it’s sad and lonely being a narcissist. By learning to anticipate and avoid certain hot-button issues, you’ll be able to relate to narcissists without triggering aggression. By validating some common narcissistic concerns, you’ll find out how to be heard in conversation with a narcissist. Finally, you’ll learn how to set limits with your narcissist and when it’s time to draw the line on unacceptable behavior.”


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Reinventing Your Life: The Breakthrough Program to End Negative Behavior…and Feel Great Again

By Jeffrey E. Young, Ph.D., and Janet S. Klosko, Ph.D.


“Highly respected psychologists Jeffrey Young and Janet Klosko draw on the breakthrough principles of cognitive therapy to help you recognize and change negative thought patterns, without the aid of drugs or long-term traditional therapy. They describe eleven of the most common lifetraps, provide a diagnostic test for each, and offer step-by-step suggestions to help you break free of the traps. Thousands of men and women have seen the immediate and long-term results of the extraordinary program outlined in this clear, compassionate, liberating book.  Its innovative approach to solving ongoing emotional problems will help you create a more fulfilling, productive life.”


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Couple Skills: Making Your Relationship Work

By Matthew McKay, Ph.D., Patrick Fanning and Kim Paleg, Ph.D.


“Love takes work, but when it comes to relationships, it pays to work smarter. This book, a revised and updated edition of a therapist-recommended classic, will show you how to work smarter in you relationship. You’ll learn to improve communication, cope better with problems, and resolve conflicts with the one you love in healthy and creative ways. Each chapter teaches you an essential skill that supports greater relationship satisfaction and deeper intimacy.”


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The High-Conflict Couple: A Dialectical Behavior Therapy Guide to Finding Peace, Intimacy & Validation

By Alan E. Fruzzetti, Ph.D.


“You hear and read a lot about ways to improve your relationship. But if you’ve tried these without much success, you’re not alone. Many highly reactive couples—pairs that are quick to argue, anger, and blame—need more than just the run-of-the-mill relationship advice to solve their problems in love. When destructive emotions are at the heart of problems in your relationship, no amount of effective communication or intimacy building will fix what ails it. If you’re part of a “high-conflict” couple, you need to get control of your emotions first, to stop making things worse, and only then work on building a better relationship.”


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When Anger Hurts Your Relationship:  10 Simple Solutions for Couples Who Fight

By Kim Paleg, Ph.D & Matthew McKay, Ph.D


When Anger Hurts Your Relationship is a first-aid manual for angry couples—offering an array of effective tools and strategies that couples can use to reduce conflict, diffuse intense rages, and move beyond repeated anger dynamics. Each chapter is chock-full of proven techniques to help couples reconcile their differences and begin to heal from the hurt that’s already been done.”


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The Critical Partner is the ideal work - book to teach couples how to do what is necessary to make their relationship successful. - BARTON GOLDSMITH, Ph.D.