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November 2012

Radio Interviews for The Critical Partner

KKZZ-AM Los Angeles

The Business of Life

Host:  Coach Ron Tunick

Two hour live interview 2/2/12


Lifestyle Talk Radio

14 minutes with The Lifestyle Show, Nationally Syndicated

Host: Frankie Boyer


KTRS-AM St. Louis Missouri

15 minutes with AM News

Host: Victoria Babu


WASH-FM Washington DC

25 minutes with Women of Vision

Host: Lori Brooks


KARN-FM Little Rock, Arkansas

30 minutes with The Ex-Factor

Host: Andy Pearson


KFKA-AM Denver Colorado

10 minutes with AM Colorado, AM Talk Radio

Hosts: Deb and Dallas


KKZZ-AM Los Angeles, California

15 minutes with Kim Pagano Show, AM Talk Radio

Host: Kim Pagano


WHFS-AM 1580 CBS Radio Washington DC

15 minutes with The Alvin Jones Show

Host: Dr. Alvin Jones


KWFM-FM Flagstaff Arizona

10 minutes with Jean Barton Show

Host: Jean Barton


KKNW-AM Seattle Washington

15 minutes with Chat with Women, AM Talk Radio

Hosts: Pamela Gray and Rochelle Alhadeff


WGRT-FM Detroit/Port Huron Michigan

10 minutes with News Feature

Host: Cathie Martin


Forever Broadcasting Johnstown Pennsylvania

10 minutes with Forever Broadcasting

Host: Rick Shepard


KWMR Radio:  89.9 & 90.5 FM Inverness California

30 minutes with Wake Up West Marin

Host: Raul Gallyot


WPHM-AM Detroit Michigan

10 minutes with Morning Show AM Talk Radio

Host: Paul Miller


CJAD-AM Montreal Quebec

30 minutes with Kim Fraser Show

Host: Kim Fraser


KKNW-AM Seattle Washington

20 minutes with Conversations with Vicki

Host: Vicki St. Clair

60 minutes with The Art of Relating

Host: Christine Kniffen


WBNR-AM/WLNA-AM Hudson Valley, New York

10 minutes with Good Morning Hudson Valley

Host: Bruce Owens


WMKT-AM North Michigan

10 minutes with The Vic McCarthy Show

Host: Vic McCarthy


WGDJ-AM Albany New York

15 minutes with Saturday Wrap, AM Talk Radio

Host: Melody Burns

Skype interview

Host: Matt Allen


WOCA-AM Ocale Florida

25 minutes with Larry Whitler Show

Host: Larry Whitler


KCTA-AM Corpus Christi Texas

10 minutes with Morning News

Host: David Freymiller


WLRN-FM Miami Florida

60 minutes with Topical Currents, NPR

Host: Joe Cooper

60 minutes with Answers for the Family, Nationally Syndicated

Host: Allen Cardoza


KKZZ-AM Los Angeles

The Real Side

Host:  Joe Messina

Live interview 2/14/12

The Critical Partner is the ideal work - book to teach couples how to do what is necessary to make their relationship successful. - BARTON GOLDSMITH, Ph.D.