Table of Contents


Table of Contents





Chapter 1: Don’t Leave Me!

Understanding Your Fear of Abandonment


Chapter 2: What Do I Believe?
Assessing Your Core Beliefs


Chapter 3: What’s Getting In My Way?
Mind and Relationship Traps


Chapter 4: How Do I Move Forward?
Staying Present with Mindfulness


Chapter 5: What Do I Value?
Motivation for Change


Chapter 6: What Was I Thinking?
Understanding Your Thoughts


Chapter 7: Why Do I Feel This Way?
Managing Your Emotions


Chapter 8: What Am I Doing?
Changing Your Behavior


Chapter 9: What Do I Say?
New Communication Skills


Chapter 10: I’m Dating! Now What?
Quick Tips and Strategies for New Relationships



Love Me, Don't Leave Me is the perfect book for anyone who is tired of the dark shadow of abandonment. It's a powerful resource for those who feel as if no one could ever really love them. - Shawn T. Smith, PsyD, author of The Woman's Guide to How Men Think

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