This book would not have been possible without Matt McKay and Patrick Fanning. These two remarkable men co-founded New Harbinger over forty years ago. They have written dozens of books over the years, but never a teen book. Their book Messages was the inspiration for this one, so I wanted them on board for the project. To that end, I decided on a classic wine-and-dine strategy. I had them over for dinner to pitch the book idea. Unfortunately, my culinary skills were seriously impaired, so that aspect of the evening was a fail, but we did have fun decorating gingerbread houses. And, they said yes to coauthoring their first teen book. Thank you Matt and Pat!


I also want to thank the entire New Harbinger family for supporting this project. There are so many individuals who nurtured this book from the beginning to the end and they were all a joy to work with.


And, a very special shout-out to Jasmine Star, our editor extraordinaire. Her edits, queries, and suggestions made Communication Skills for Teens a better book. Thank you!


Last but not least, to all teens—you are an inspiring population bursting with fresh ideas, energy, and enthusiasm; it is important that your voices be heard and that your contributions be felt. This book is for you!

"The real-life teen examples will illustrate how you can use these skills in your everyday life to develop stronger and happier relationships." - DZUNG X. VO, MD

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